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Our Privacy Policy

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Disclaimer about the Information Published on Insects Are Food

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Trademarks and Copyrights

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Terms of Use for Viewing Pages, Downloading Files, and General Usage of Insects Are Food

IAF is available to the general public on an as-is basis. IAF may not be held responsible for any consequences that may result in visiting, viewing, engaging in business transactions, downloading, saving, or printing any content available on the site or the sites it links to. IAF makes no warranty, express or implied, with the respect to the content, quality, reliability, or accuracy of information contained on the IAF site or the sites it links to, including the dynamic, contextual ads appearing on the site. It is your responsibility to use your discretion and discernment when visiting, submitting information, engaging in business transactions, or purchasing merchandise from any site on the Internet.

All content on IAF is fully copyrighted and may not be reproduced in print or electronic form without written permission from its creators. If you find something on this site that you want to share with someone else, you may provide a link from your site to the content on ours. In no case do we allow you to directly link to the images on our site or embed or frame our HTML code on your site(s) (including discussion boards and blogs) as “free content” to attract visitors.

Important Information about Using PDF Files (Printables) Downloaded from

All Adobe Acrobat® PDF files or other files for download on our sites have been created for personal or classroom non-commercial use only. These printables include, but are not limited to, activity sheets, recipes, coloring pages, cards, novelty items, calendars, and postcards.

By downloading, printing, and using any files from any of our sites you agree to these terms of use:

You may download and print the files for personal or classroom non-commercial use only. You may not profit in any way from the use of the files, or use them for any other purpose than was intended by the copyright owner. You may not redistribute any of our files electronically, through another site, e-mail, or any storage retrieval system. You may link to the page you downloaded a file from on our site as a reference for others. 
All files and downloads are available on an as-is basis. The owners of IAF may not be held responsible for any consequences that may result in downloading, saving, printing, or using the files.

Important Copyright Information

The term “free” means you may download the printable(s) (cards, calendars, coloring pages, seed packets, novelty items, etc.) from IAF for personal use without charge. The copyright notice and other information on the printable giving reference to the author and site must remain intact for use.

 The term “free” does not imply that you may take our printables and freely do anything you wish with them. They are not public domain.

The printables may be used for personal or classroom non-commercial use only. This means for example, that you may print one of our greeting cards and write a note on it to a friend, but you may not mass-produce or sell our cards, or use them in your own projects intended for profit or general distribution. This principle extends to all printables available on IAF and its sibling sites.

Permission is granted to educators to print enough copies of a printable to cover a classroom project.
 The printables may not be used for any business or marketing purpose on- or off-line without the author’s knowledge and consent. It doesn’t matter if the purpose is non- or not-for-profit, for charity, or other humanitarian cause.
 The printables may not be re-uploaded to the Internet for distribution in any way, shape, or form.
 Links provided to the printable pages (but not the PDF files) on IAF from other sites and newsletters are allowed.

Please contact us if you have further questions about downloading, printing, or using the free printables available on IAF. These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be modified at any time at our discretion. Please refer to this page for the most current information.